Mystic Stones: A Ladyfinder Campaign

Session 16
Suddenly the Moon isn't such a nice place....

The group trades for stuff on the moon. They also roll a knucklebone of fickle fortune and get various effects. Some are good and some are very, very bad. Alyara “Anna” gets paralyzed and blinded. Lady Yunalesca gets very, very stinky. The two decide to stay behind while everyone else goes to a banquet in honor of the setting sun. They sit by the regent and are entertained by Verdinia the celebrity bard, but everyone starts falling asleep. Someone put sleepy oil on all the plates, but the earthlings’ plates have sleeping death poison instead. Nyimak and Vilkas get very, very sick, but the group teleports to a talented cleric who lives in another city on the moon. The two are saved just in time. They go back to the palace to investigate, but Anna and Yunalesca get attacked by a sorceress named Estira who doesn’t like people from Earth. Yunalesca captures her and the regent decides to give her a trial. Nyimak falls asleep after touching the poisoned plates. The group rests in the palace. Scalin the artist gives the group a sketch of the deceased queen and the long lost princess. Vilkas recognizes the art style from his moon book, which was apparently made by Scalin for Driscoll.

The Search for Fire and Ice

In Lunanul:

With the royal affairs taken care of in Lunanul we were free to continue our search for clues that would lead us to uncovering the prophecy of the treasure protected by fire and ice.
With the majority of the party stricken by food poisoning from the feast the night before, and Olfin unable to wander the streets of Lunanul, Vilkas was left with the duty of searching for information. His first attempts came up with no results but soon enough the idea “head to the library” popped into his head (not because Leah said go to library, it was all Vilkas).

The Library of Lunanul and the Crazy Dragon Dude:

As Vilkas entered the library he was greeted by the librarian’s assistant. Eager to attain more information about the prophecy Vilkas immediately asked for books about dragons and the northern mountainous terrain. This search might have been fruitless if the assistant had not mentioned Lord Montauriel, an elf considered to be crazy for his claims of talking to dragons. With this information in hand Vilkas departed with the books and made his way to the Lord’s estate; Vilkas could feel he was about to get the answers he was seeking.
Vilkas stood at the entrance of Lord Montaruriel’s estate, overwhelmed by its grandeur, lifted the heavy knockers (heh knockers…anyway) and waited patiently. The door was swiftly answered by one of the Lord’s servants and before Vilkas could finish his request to speak to the lord the servant interrupted, “come in he will see you in a minute.” Vilkas made his way towards Montauruiel’s study, passing through desolate hallways and hoped he would have answers to the questions the party had been longingly searching for.

There he stood, almost eager to have someone to converse with. Vilkas wasted no time and asked what he needed to know; he asked him about the prophecy, about the type of dragon that might be hiding in the cave, and (optimistically) about a way to survive a dragon encounter without being fried to a crisp. Montauruiel answered his questions and told him of a once terrifying and powerful dragon; a dragon that once roamed the mountainside causing havoc and devastation, laying waste to everything with its crimson flames. This dragon’s name was Zinamorixandrianela, and as powerful as she was her reign of terror came to an end. She had been sealed away by a powerful individual with a powerful spell that held the dragon in a prison of ice, ice infused with so much magic that it made it impossible for Zina to burn through it. Lord Koratsindirrianomin; he was our best shot at getting in and out safely, but according to Montauruiel finding him would be next to impossible, so he gave Vilkas the next best thing. He gave Vilkas a copy of the spell used, a spell much too complex for Vilkas to execute but maybe not for the Mages Guild. Vilkas had gotten all he could and set out with the information he was given and a map marking the location of the prison, all courtesy of Montauruiel, and returned to Olfin. They were done with this town; it was time to move on.

To Tisahn, to the road, and Tisahn again:
The half-elf and the half-orc found their way to Tisahn without incident. They had arrived at the dead of night and decided to rest at Nyamak’s house; the mages guild could wait till morning. Arrival at the mages guild was met with disdain by an annoying little mage, but there was not time get even (at least not now). Vilkas tried to sneak into an appointment with no luck; with no other choice but to schedule one he also decided to see if there was someone that he could see without an appointment. Luckily there was and even more fortuitous was the fact that after Vilkas showed her the pages of the spell she more than willingly brought Vilkas to the head of the Mages Guild. The Guild Head was intrigued and said he would take a look at the spell. Vilkas gave asked the Guild Head if there was a way to dispel the spell as well as a way to recast it. “Come back in two days and I’ll see what I can do,” and so Vilkas left, scheduled to return in two days.

Two days pass, Vilkas and Olfin make their way to the Mages Guild to hopefully retrieve the instruments that will aid in the recovery of the gems. As they entered they were greeted by the obnoxious little mage, tempted to retaliate his childish pranks Vilkas was stopped by Olfin telling him to wait until we were done with our business. We headed to the Guild Head’s study; the door read Super Awesome Mage Dude so they knew they were in the right place. They were given to rods, one to release the barrier (theoretically) and one to put it back up (theoretically). With the weapons in hand it was time to make their way to the Mountains.

The Drow had mysteriously appeared as the half-elf and the half-orc were on the road to the mountains, this was great news because now keeping watch was no longer an issue. In the middle of night as the weary travelers sleep, with Olfin on watch, the camp was attacked by creature made of wood. The creature, with gigantean reach struck Olfin multiple times; with Vilkas, the half-elf, and Moonfire, the drow, now awake the battle had begun. As the battle raged on Moonfire and Olfin took the battle to the Wooden beast as Vilkas attempted to distract it with spells. The battle continued and as Vilkas saw that his distractions were less than effective, with his friends paying a hefty price receiving blow after blow, he leaped into the fray. Digging deep into his Boreal bloodline he fired a chilling cold from his fingertips; the creature creaked and wailed as life slowly drained from its body. The battle was won but with heavy injuries it was better if they turned back to heal up.
Healing took time but they were soon back on the road. A camp, Olfin on watch, an alarm spells set up, a familiar scene; a wooden creature enters but this time it’s different. With great force and tenacity Olfin and Moonfire scream and howl into the night sky and this alone sends this new wooden beast running back into the forest (as well as leave Vilkas utterly confused).

The Construct, The Tower and The Wardrobe:

A roaring fire under the stars and Olfin up keeping watch, a scene usually met with disaster, except not this night. Out of the darkness appeared a figure, a woman with raggedy clothes, a very pretty woman but staying alert was probably the best course of action. Olfin took a liking to her, and she to Olfin, so she became an official traveling companion; she was a construct sex robot girl, but Olfin was happy so Vilkas and Moonfire decided to not make comments.

Ruby, she told us was her name, let us know that she had come from a tower not far from here as she had noticed the light from our camp. She had been alone for years since her master’s death and sought “company.” This master had created a construct, so he had to be a capable mage, and capable mages usually keep stuff in their towers. The party moved forward towards the tower, if there was something there they were going to take it.
In the tower they found great treasures, specifically in the mages wardrobe. Moonfire riffled through the deceased mage’s clothes and found a few objects untouched by time. These were magical items, items that would without a doubt help their cause (I’ll write down all the way at the bottom the items acquired during the session). Acquiring all of value from the tower and a little bird construct they set their sights back on the road.

Rooted Evil:

The road is treacherous and hardly ever forgiving. The party was near their destination but on the way there they saw what remained of a cart, a cart now previously scorched. Olfin stopped the carriage to inspect the cart finding a box filled with gold, maybe this time it wouldn’t be so bad.

Unfortunately, as they continued on they ran into a colossus plant blocking the road and before they could turn back to attempt another way around trees had mysteriously blocked their path. Olfin moved forward to investigate the rooted plant, no fear in his eyes (he was moving slowly, but trust me, no fear). Olfin slowly got closer and suddenly the plant made its move; it attempted to grasp Olfin’s feet but Olfin was too fast. The party readied for battle. Attacks flew as the plant took the full force of the party’s attacks and when the plant had enough it struck the ground creating a seismic wave, knocking all but the mighty Olfin down on their rears. Vilkas gallantly used his skilled usage of teleportation spells to position himself behind the plant; he wanted to end this with a burst of frozen winds. His attack that had previously obliterated a wooden creature was closer to a tickle against this plant. Moonfire, enraged by the plant’s annoyance, mustered up her strength and with a flurry of blows cut the plant down with the full strength of a barbarian. The battle was won. The town that once was still a ways away, our heroes decided to make camp. Their destination was close but it would have to wait.

Spectacles of understanding
Boots of resist elements
3000 palldium
8 diamonds- each worth 1000gold
Circlet +2 to char and wis
400 gold- group pack
cure light potion x3
cure critical x2
cure moderate x3

Session 10
We're Gonna Go Back In Time


Our valiant heroes reach the entrance of the ruins greeted by an ominous figure. As the silver shimmer of his beard becomes recognizable the party halts to access the situation. “I’ve been waiting for a long time and you’re late,” a gust of confusion encompasses the traveling heroes as they surprised to hear they were expected. The old man stands from his chair and with a wave of his hand the chair vanishes into thin air. He introduce himself as (put name here because I forgot), a survivor of the mage wars entrusted to stand watch and wait.

The Old Mage led the party through the ruins and as they reached deep within the collapsing ruins there stood a great library. Seemingly untouched by the years that had passed it stood tall and strong amongst the dilapidating surroundings, a gem amongst the rubble. “Come inside. We have to talk.”

While inside The Old Man explained everything to the party members; he had been tasked with the duty of keeping something safe but in order to ensure that he could defend the heroes would have to retrieve it… from the past. Surrounded by knowledge they scattered through the library hoping to find anything that would aid on their trip to the past. Ready to embark on their quest the team readied itself, but before they left the Old Man had one more favor he could do for them; he granted them his faithful companion Jake. The plan was simple: go 150 years into the past, right in the middle of the mage war, go to a cellar that would hopefully be vacant, take one box, and make their way back to same spot where they landed. The Old Man prepared to cast the spell and granted them with one final piece of advice, “Don’t mess anything up.” Vilkas, Olfin, Nyamak, Moonfire and Jake stood still as space around them shifted, the raw energy of temporal magic tearing through the veil separating time; and then they were there.

Raining Fire:

Surrounded by the chaos and destruction of the ensuing battle the team wasted no time and headed to the tower were they would find the wine cellar. Nyamak casted a powerful aura spell in an attempt to ensure a stealthy entrance into the tower. As they moved closer they noticed the guards keeping watch were unaffected by the effects of Nyamak’s spell; now there was an obstacle in the way and with a stampeding half-orc at the head of the party it didn’t take long for the guards to be pummeled unto the ground. The entrance was clear and the trek to the cellar had begun.

Downward Spiral:

The heroes headed down the tower and as they traveled down the spiraling staircase they reached a room; it was the cellar and at the middle of the room as blood red sphere. Olfin took initiative and flung one of the many wine bottles at the sphere. The sphere absorbed the liquid in the bottle and moments later a shockwave engulfed the room, striking all. It was a puzzle and the answer was in the room; there were bottles everywhere and the sphere absorbed the bottles’ liquid. Vilkas stared at the writing in the bottles, some of it was unreadable. Vilkas focused the magical energies within him to allow him to comprehend the unknown writing; the answer revealed itself, they found the correct bottle and as soon as it was poured on the sphere the pathway down opened. A new room had been found; a room filled with the stench of death itself. Among the rooting flesh was a kitten that took a particular liking to Olfin. Jake glared at the feline and as if by instinct radiated energy healing everything, but the undead and the kitten. The kitty changed its friendly tactics and begun its attack against the entire party; one cat versus 4 skilled warriors and a dog, it should have ended swiftly. As the battle continued it was as if the feline was disguised, hidden behind a veil spell that made it impossible for the group to detect its true form. Vilkas attempted to dispel its magic, but it futile, the spell was too powerful and the feline retained its form. The cat launched a web towards Nyamak entrapping her and as the kitten feared for its life it retreated. Olfin and Moonfiremade haste and chased after fatal feline, while Vilkas and Jake remained to ensure Nymaks escape from the webs. The struggle had gone on long enough so Olfin and Moonfire united their monstrous strength grappling down the fatal feline. The kitty was returned to its cage, the team was tired and the boxes location was still unknown.

Gelatinous Terror:

As they reached the lowest level of the tower they were at the foot of a single corridor; one door, one way. The door was opened and on the other side was blob of green slime making its way towards the party. The blob was slow but if it reached anyone it would not be a pleasant experience. The team attacked the gelatinous blob relentlessly; Olfin with his flail, Moonfire with her axe, Nyamak with her diamond dust, and Vilkas with his ruggedly good looks and magic missile. The end of the battle was in sight and so Vilkas unleashed the force of winter, a cone of cold wrapped around the blob freezing it in its tracks but still very much alive. Then with a mighty blow, Olfin the powerful half-orc struck the blob, shattering it into thousands of tiny pieces. The path was clear.

The Box and the return:

After defeating the blob acquiring the box was uneventful in comparison. Any box would do, as long as only one was taken the time stream would synchronize with the events of the present (or future…time travel). After acquiring the box and various other items that would not be missed; it was a race against time (heh…that line made me laugh). Vilkas had the brilliant idea of teleporting the entirety of the party back to the rally point; it didn’t go well. Something had gone wrong and they had ended up in a faraway land. Luckily Vilkas had enough juice left in him for another jump and with his second attempt succeeded. In the capable hands of Nyamak, the box was given to the young version of the Old Mage for safekeeping. His job was to keep it safe and ensure its return to them 150 years from now. They rushed back to original point at which they had arrived.

The time spell reactivated while they waited patiently and as they faded back into the present they saw the field protecting the city from the various projectiles lose its power; the city was going to fall. They arrived safely on the other side; the Old Mage content to see that time had not been rewritten due to any events that occurred in the past.
The Old Mage brought the box out and returned to the person that had given it to him so long ago. The quest was complete and they were now one step closer to unraveling the mystery of the bracelets that had taken hold around their wrists.

Session 7
Daring Escape and the Western Pride

Olfin and Lady Yunalesca write a letter to the Duchess asking her to pardon Vilkas after they learned it was the Duke who ordered his arrest. They went to the Inquisitor’s office and made an appointment to persuade him to release Vilkas. As Vilkas rotted in jail the two went off to research who Zaina is.

A super smart Librarian told them about the “Western Pride” Zaina is an old ship that is the pride of the city and has been around so long it fought in the Mage Wars and is still in use today. Legend has it that the device that powers the ship is actually a relic stolen from the Mage Wars 100 years ago.

The Mage Wars went on for about a dozen years to the south of Belcoast in the country of what is now Brune. It used to be a bunch of city/states that were at war with each other, each ruled by a powerful wizard or sorcerer, and each at war with one another.
There’s a very very secretive sorcerer who lives in one of the crumbled cities the Otun Ruins. There are only rumors of his existence and the Ruins are guarded by a strong magical force.

Afterwards they go to look for Pointy so they can hawk the crown. They find her at her home above the bar. Pointy offers to take them to dealer to sell it. They disguise themselves and join Pointy at the shady place. An older gnomish lady buys the crown for $350.

Lady Yunalesca dresses up fancy and they go to the Mayor’s to arrange a tour of Zaina. The Mayor happily obliges and even sends a message to the Inquisitor to help get Vilkas out of jail. Afterwards they go shopping and Lady Yunalesca buys a shiny Medalian of Thoughts.

The next day they go to see the Inquisitor. He gives them permission to see Vilkas in jail and place him under house arrest, instead of jail, and give him some pants.
Next they are off to see Zaina and get their tour. Lady Yunalesca starts a voice whimpering in her head. They are shown around the shift and discover the location of the stones beneath the deck.

Lady Yunalesca sneaks on board the ship and steals a crew member uniform to disguise herself. She finds the room where the gems are being kept and unlocks the door, sneaking inside, and removes each of the gems from the base of the column. The last gem is suspended inside the column she carefully tries to remove it but the column cracks! The sound draws two guards to her and she smashes open the column, takes the gem, and runs past the guards (taking some damage along the way). The Lady runs off of the ship and past Olfin—the two guards in pursuit. Olfin follows as Lady Yunalesca runs into an alley way to hide. Unfortunately one of the guards notices her and they follow her into the alley with Olfin following them in from behind.

After the first guard is defeated the second one yields from the fight and Olfin knocks him out. They go next back to the Inn where Vilkas is being kept going outside to where a guard is posted beneath his window. While Lady Yunalesca draws away his attention Olfin sneaks up behind and chokes him while Lady Yunalesca beats him unconscious. Olfin vaults her up to Vilka’s window and she puts him to sleep with a potion and puts him into a bag of holding. When she jumps down to Olfin she climbs into a bag of holding and Olfin runs away carrying them both. She runs to the edge of the city and jumps from the edge wearing a Ring of Feather Fall.

She lands gently in the bay below and the three of them begin to swim for shore. Lady Yunalesca begins to drown and as Vilkas goes to dive beneath the water and save her he discovers that he can breath underwater! He can swim like a seal and breath like Aquaman! They make it across to shore and find a town. After resting for a few days and removing a spell from Vilkas the group finds a sorcerer to teleport them to the country of Brune. Whip, bang, bam! They find themselves in the capital of Brune—Statona.

Session 6
Arena Fights and an Arrest

Nyimak, Olfin Sharamph, and Vilkas hear about arena battles and decide to take part. They fight stinky armor girl, “Pointy” the rogue, and a Paladin. After that, they fought Viorian, the guild leader, and nearly defeated her. Vilkas died twice and Olfin died once. They made a ton of money (20k gold each). Nyimak got drunk with Pointy. Vilkas got arrested for being involved in the theft of the Roseglass crown.

Leah Boston Vianna: My orc battle roar has made atleast one person in the arena wet themselves.
Leah Boston Vianna: Sarah just melted a 1,044gp holy symbol off the body of a paladin.
Leah Boston Vianna: We’re fighting the fighter’s guild leader.
Leah Boston Vianna: Oooohhh… oooohhh….. 182 damage in two rounds. Ouch ouch ouch. Oooooohh…. good bye cruel world. Uuuuuuhhhggg……
Leah Boston Vianna: Nyimak is scampering around the arena invisible sending AOE fire spells at the guild master.
Leah Boston Vianna: We lost, BUT we are level 11. WHOOOO!! Everyone level up!!!!
Sarah Vianna: Vilkas got atresyed guyss. Oh noooo waht aer we goonna dooo? I’m so durnk riyhht now.
Luis Lopez: I’ve been arrested, been here so long. It’s been… minutes. They took my stuff. I’m cold.
Leah Boston Vianna: What am I gonna do? Vilkas is jail for the Roseglass crown. We were having such a good time.

Session 5
Tropin Town and Airship Adventures

On Tropin Town: This town is whack. Big ass burly motherfuckers. Butt babies. No women. Too manly, Cut trees with only you hand. Dire cows on a leash. “We are Tropin men of Tropin Town!!”

(Okay Tropin Tow, ‘cause apparently ^ those ^ were the only notes I took, was we got there stayed at the inn after I got my face fixed and had a HERD OF DIRE COWS ON LEASHES bust threw the wall ’cause the guy like to wall them a 3AM, I don’t understand either. So the Innkeep measure out the logs he’s gonna us the hold the Inn til morning and cuts the length with his BARE HANDS. But whatever hes strong, cool. So the next morning we drop off Nymak’s ape with the clerics to get healed and everyone’s like “yeah check out the new baby” Well okay great! This…. this is not a normal baby. Its huge and beefy. Like saijin baby up in here. And the dude’s husband gave birth to it. Yeah. Yeah I know. So whatever, there got to be a reasonable explanation for this. So the pet store owner with his little kitty cat, a lion and a tiger, tells us where the birthing room is. Okay cool, how bad can it be. It might explain a few things. Maybe they like Zeus it up here. No. Nope. Nu uh. Not at all. Butt babies. Push and out your butt they come. Nothing was answered. Only more questions that I’m afraid to find the answers for. We tried to hauk the crown but with no luck so its just chlling in Nymak’s bag of holding. So after this we pick up the ape, Kess buys a tiger, we get suppies, and then head to the airship to get to the floating city.)

We boarded the airship, the Fey Enchanteress, and started our flight. While most of us stayed up on the sun deck, Nymak, Kess, and Lady Yunalesca stole items from various rooms on deck in stole crew uniforms. From the magic room they took three rings (1 scholar’s ring; 2 feather fall; 3 protection) and 1000gp were stolen from the captain’s quarters. They were nearly caught by the captain but bluffed their way out.

Later Lady Yunalesca, Kess, and Olfin took a tour of the ship and discovered its powered by a very unhappy air elemental. Kess is very displeased with this.

Soon after Kess, Lady Yunalesca, and Nymak went back to thier thieving ways and stole a large number of things from cargo (spices(5gp/piece), fabric(20gp/peice), scented soap (1gp/piece), try to open super trapped hella locked chest but its a no go, instead they remove hindges and open it a crack and pull magical box[laced with poison; 2 necklaces{1 chain of emeralds 1300; 2 daimond necklace}, circlet of persuation]

The ship was attacked that night by some undead creature. We killed it and that went back to be.

After breakfast the next day, Nymak, Kess, and Lady Yunalesca are confronted by the ship’s mage and captain waiting in hall with Nymak’s bag of holding about the stolen goods. Nymak cast aura of the unremarkable removed stolen goods from her bag and put them into Vilkas’s bag. she then dominated Captain to get only a get a slap on the wrist and end up keeping all that stuff. The mage is still suspicious until he is scared of by Olfin’s intimidation at lunch.

We then landed at city without further incident.

NOTE: Mission to save air elemental

Session 4
A Heist in Roseglass

We spent the first night camped outside Roseglass. We had an amazing meal from the food Olfin bought from the surrounding farms and the rabbit Anna caught. A group of guards and some ruffians approached us but nothing bad happened.

The next morning we went to middle class area and talked to Barkeep. He told us told us to get some super nice clothes and to check out the palace. We went to the clothing store and everyone got done up. (Yunalesca: Blue elf-like dress, Nyimak: black feather dress, Anna: green avant garde, Olfin: Blue with black detail guard outfit feather hat, Vilkas: Green page outfit feather hat) Yunalesca + Nymak perfume)

We arrived at the palace. There’s a large party going on, servers are flying a magical discs and large bats line the rafters. Duke Rafel the 7th and Duchess Gardenia weren’t there yet so we looked around that palace and the large party that was going on. Nymak finds the court magician and flirts some information about the bracelets out of him and then flies on one of the bats lining the room to the bat stable. (Batrey?) Lady Yunalesca and Olfin try to get the magical floating discs to go to the gem by thinking about anything involving it but to no avail.

After that, Nymak, Lady Yunalecas, and Olfin go to explore the areas of the palace that aren’t part of the large party. We discover the study and in it a book about the Duke’s crown. We learned it was created 100 years ago by expert with ancient gems captured long ago during mage wars (xxxxyr) to the south. Nymak, Lady Yunalesca, and Olfin decided to go to library in search of more information. Unfortunaly the library contains no information on magical artifacts from the mage war.

Anna went to look for Lord Gwinso, who is most likely in his room, to ask about the mage war. Vilkas played with a servant child and found a small hiding place in the kitchen.

A couple hours pass and Nymak, Lady Yunalesca, and Olfin head back to the party to find that and awning had been set up with the Duke and Dutchess underneath. Olfin pushed through the crowd lead everyone to directly in front of the two. (GM: “The duke looks bored-” Luis:“I’M A COMEDIAN!! [Pulls out page of jokes]”) Lady Yunalesca presented Vilkas as entertainment. While Vilkas was entertaining the Duke, Lady Yunalesca learned that the crown has been in the Duke’s family for generations. When Vilkas jokes fall flat, Nymak casts mad monkeys and fire sneezes of doom on him which fail as well and nearly get us kicked out to the palace but thanks to Lady Yunalesca’s wonderful diplomacy and shmoozing with the Duchess (and the minor whoring out of Olfin), we got escorted to a departed wing of the palace until dinner.

At dinner, Lady Yunalesca sits with the Duchess and calls Olfin over who is awkwardly flirted with the whole time by the Duchess and invited up to her room later . (Olfin’s the awkward one. Not the Duchess, shes just very unattractive.) The Duke arrives late with several young women on him, but not his crown.

Anna and Nymak gather information on the Duke during dinner. ( “never wise to question the duke’s business, does what he will” “Never does anything”) Vilkas went to the servant child for information and the boy took him to the Duke’s room and told him all the guard where special medallions around their necks.

Anna, Vilkas, and Nymak exited after dinner to retrieve the crown while Olfin, who had heard strange non directional snoring when with the Duchess back to her chambers for a little gambling. Nymak tried to trick the guards to go with her but failed so instead they stole them under the spell aura of the unremarkable, picked the lock, stole the crown, and got out of the palace. We then camped outside the city again and waited for the trade caravan to Tropin Town to leave the next morning.

Olfin was woken in the middle of the night by a roaring voice in his head. It turned out to be the spirit of a half orc warrior, Ruhak (dominos killed his mother), that was trapped in the stone on his bracelet.

Everyone woke up bright and early an we caught the first train out of here. We had a whole third class car to ourselves. The first day of travel was uneventful. The following night screams were heard from the middle class cart further ahead and the train came to a stop. When we looked out the whole cart was covered in fog (Spells: Obscuring mist, fog cloud). Olfin went in to find some people unharmed but shaken who seemed to be missing memory of the whole incident as well as people torn apart. The bodies are looted and 901g and 2 rings (Ring of sustenance, 200g ring of ringness) were found. Still nothing is know about this creature.

The next day our cart began to be covered in fog. To excape it, we jumped to another cart only to have it follow us. Nymak shot a fire ball at it which seemed to scare it away only to have it return that afternoon. From the fog a horrible creature emerged. It was a creepy floating humanoid wrapped in wet bridal shroud with claws, face featureless except fanged mouth and glowing eyes. (OOC it turns out it was a bruum or something like that.) Olfin was struck by it and became uglier and forgotten what had happen in the last four hours. Nymak casted fireball and diamond dust and Vilkas casted his powered up magic missiles and the creature retreated.

We had now arrived in Tropin Town.

Session 3
Notes by Erica

2 days to Roseglass and 3 days to village that takes you to the City in the Sky.

Centaur approachesLady Yunalesca and Kess to Centaur Leader,Deidamia Sildar, and she informs them that others have arrived with bracelets. We find them playing cards and introduce ourselves.Olfin stole the bracelet from a Shaman and ??? found it in a dungeon. We decide to group up and travel to Roseglass. We discover at the courier office that it takes a few weeks to travel to Capacia.

We head out to Roseglass via Forest. We set up for camp. Kess and Olfin set out to hunt. We kill 3 deer for dinner. During the night we are attacked by a Vykrolaca (undead-ish guerrilla) that ??? identifies.

We are attacked by another V and allbut D & ??? get the bubonic plague. We return to town. Vilkas & Anna see a cleric for full restoration, the rest drink remove disease. Only Olfin is cured, the rest do not know they are not cured.

We return to the forest to head out. We encounter a tree that is making creaking noises and sprays a pollen of sorts. We all hold our breaths and are unaffected. We set up camp with Kess’s AWESOME survival roll! We discover that we still have bubonic plague and decide to burn our bedrolls and return to town to disinfect our weapons, clothes etc.

As we continue traveling, Olfin becomes entangled and Vilkas sees a small green creature off in the distance.He entangles Olfin and sends swarms of bees. We advance while Vilkas sends an ice storm and the creature sends giant centipedes on us. The creature gets bored and walks away. We decide to flee to Roseglass and make it there. ??? enchants us with an aura to enter the city and head straight to a healer.

We go to the cleric and he charges 2000g.We roll diplomacy and enchant and get it down to 1700g. WE ARE HEALED!!!

Session 2
Notes By Delilah

LADYFINDER 3: Jungle Affairs

Deylesaria: woke up, talked to Mr Neal and received the key to the house and the chest inside. Went to house and found the possessed doll with the voice of Dave chapel. Explored the house more and went to sleep. Woke up to Kess waking me up and finding myself in a jungle. Lady Yunalesca was dead and Erika was overwhelmed.Jinx appeared as well, shortly after.

We kept wandering before we found an eye construct. Kess attempted to shoot it down but failed Aeon put on levitation boots to see where it went and discovered that the island was much smaller than it should be but saw a castle with golden turrets to the east.

We went there and found the castle with its gates open and no one in sight. Further in we saw a small statue who came to life and said she was the guardian of this place. The only rule is that we are not allowed to touch anything on fear of death. Inside the castle we found a healing pool. Lady Yunalesca was brought to life and the decision to explore more, was made.

The castle is beautiful. Paintings that looks almost real, marble floors cases filled with objects. Many things are covered in gold. Eventually we found a large golden spiral staircase and choose to ascend. At the top there is a trapdoor. It opened to a room completely filled with gems. There is even a window made of them that almost looks like stained glass. There is a flash of light to one of the shelves that Aeon feels very drawn to. She uses boots of levitation to get to it. She grabs it and notices the gem would fit perfectly into her bracelet. It fits and the gem sticks.

Kess uses the boots in the gem room next and sees a gleam of light inside a basket. Inside is a small gold stone that goes straight into her bracelet. Lady Yunalesca finds hers on the window still. She finds a small blue stone and into the bracelet it goes.

Deylesaria goes to get her stone and set off a cascade of gems. Underneath is a large red gem that I simply must have. Jinx tried to lasso me but it isn’t very effective. We realize that the Something is starting to appear through the walls. By the time Deylesaria is pulled back the castle’s guardians are though the wall. Erika wants to stab my hands. Jinx tries to knocks me out. They all try intimidation next causing Deylesaria to run. Still lassoed by Aeon. The gem was finally smacked out of her hands.

At the bottom of the stairs one of the guardians appear and take the gem. Aeon tries to see what’s behind another door but sees only darkness. We go back outside to the statue and ask if she can help us leave this island. We are told to go to the docks where we find a giant golden ship with the statue as the figurehead.

The guardian starts to take us to the nearest civilization but we get attacked by a gargantuan crimson whale that could easily swallow the ship whole. Deylesaria starts summoning elementals to distract it with while Lady Yunalesca and Kess try to hit it with arrows. Aeon eventually tries dragging a Cannon to the upper deck. The whale is eventually blinded and killed.

We continue our journey and a mechanical eye appears on the ship. We are told by the figurehead (named Laguna) that it means the master is near. Suddenly, a storm starts appearing. We discover its magical and a fifty foot tentacle rises from the water. Just as suddenly the storm starts, Kess and Deylesaria see a shadowy figure floating above the water (the master). There is a flash of light and suddenly everything is calm again. We then arrive at port.

We find a city called Summerby run by centaurs, who say they will take us to their leader, Deidamia. We notice many buildings are under construction. We are taken to Deidamia where the bracelet / how we came to be there is explained. She starts flipping through a giant notebook that we can see is filled with many mathematical explanations and constellations. She says she cannot help us, but there is a blind seer in a forest not to far from us who can help us in our journey .

We go and travel through the forest till we reach a hut. The oracle says that she was expecting us. We enter the hut and find it very messy, items laying everywhere with a naked woman laying in the center. A roaring fire is next to her. Just from being there a moment the herbs make us feel a bit off. She tell us the stones we are looking for: (Message in entire) other set in a crown, kept safe in a town. Riches and splendor, light shining through colors. More are in the sky, a western pride. Others are guarded by fire , living in ice and snow. The last are hidden by ancient magic, they are hidden..

We go back to summer by and get a room in the inn. We are told that there is a town called roseglass. But they are very oppressive to all neighboring areas. We are also told about a floating city north from here. We can take an airship to get passage there. We choose to go to Roseglass, which is a two days walk.
We than have a drink and go to sleep. When we wake up we all feel slightly beefier.

Session 1
notes by Cheryl

“Anna” Alyara, the Rogue Cat Burglar
Aeon, the Barbarian Drow
Kess, the Human Ranger
Lady Yunalesca, the Noble Elf Rogue
Deylesaria, the Kitsune Oracle

Dear _____,
I am sorry to inform you that your dear friend, Mr. Duthe Metton, recently passed away. As you probably know, he has spent the days since his retirement at the age of 50 drinking and storytelling, as suits a worshipper of Cayden Cailen. He passed away at the ripe old age of 67. The funeral will be held at the main temple in Capacia on the second day of Gozran. You are invited to attend and perhaps say a few words. Afterwards, I would appreciate it if you could join me at the fountain outside the temple to discuss Mr. Metton’s will.

My Condolences,
Mr. Neal
Estate Manager


Session 1 – January 8, 2014
We are in Capacia, a port city right on the ocean; fairly wealthy city. Met Neal the Orc and discussed the will. Metton left all 5 of us a big house with a stable and a locked chest that we will share between the 5 of us. We each get a key to the locked gate. We are told that there are weird noises that can be heard coming from the house.

Kess (Erica) and Alyara (Cheryl) tie up the horses in the stable while Lady Yunalesca (Stephanie) enters the house and gets attacked by skull children. We kill the skull children, but get fatigued from the bites. Aeon (Heather) meets us at the house after the battle.

We start searching the house for other surprises, and Aeon comes across an undead in the office. We fight and kill the Lich (Lich Shade?). The temple peoples tell us it has a soul elsewhere, and needs to be destroyed, or else it comes back in a few days.

We go back to the house and search the rest of the house. We find a creepy doll in the master bedroom and it might have a soul inside. We find a door in the ground in the office that contains the treasure chest. Lost of treasurey things are found.
- Big pile of gold (20,000 GP)
- Huge bag of multiple-sized rubies (5,000 GP total)
- Lenses of Perception (3,100 GP)
- Vest of All Tools (2,000 GP)
- Small flask containing Invisibility Potion (300 GP)
- Boots of Levitation (7,500 GP)
- Headband of Vast Intelligence (8,000 GP)
- Ring of Protection (8,000 GP) +2 to AC
- 5 Gold Bracelets (No idea how much they are worth)
- 1 for each of us. Only one will clasp.

The doll was found to have a soul inside that can talk in Dave Chappelle’s voice. 200 gold was paid for the destruction of the phylactery. We plan to get a functional body for the soul to move around in made from the local doll shop.

Kess is the niece of Mr. Metton and lives in Capacia. Anna met Metton in an adventure. Lady Yunalesca met Metton in her youth as a noble. Aeon met Metton on a boar hunt. All go to sleep, and sleep well.

When we wake up, we are in a jungle area far South of Capacia. Aeon notice there are weird clouds coming towards us. Kess finds out these are Skrik Nettles, creatures who sting their prey like jellyfish, have them levitate in the air, then they crash down when it wears off and get eaten. 2 of the creature run away after getting hurt by our weapons, the 3rd got tangled up and the group used their chance to run away.


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