Mystic Stones: A Ladyfinder Campaign

Session 1

notes by Cheryl

“Anna” Alyara, the Rogue Cat Burglar
Aeon, the Barbarian Drow
Kess, the Human Ranger
Lady Yunalesca, the Noble Elf Rogue
Deylesaria, the Kitsune Oracle

Dear _____,
I am sorry to inform you that your dear friend, Mr. Duthe Metton, recently passed away. As you probably know, he has spent the days since his retirement at the age of 50 drinking and storytelling, as suits a worshipper of Cayden Cailen. He passed away at the ripe old age of 67. The funeral will be held at the main temple in Capacia on the second day of Gozran. You are invited to attend and perhaps say a few words. Afterwards, I would appreciate it if you could join me at the fountain outside the temple to discuss Mr. Metton’s will.

My Condolences,
Mr. Neal
Estate Manager


Session 1 – January 8, 2014
We are in Capacia, a port city right on the ocean; fairly wealthy city. Met Neal the Orc and discussed the will. Metton left all 5 of us a big house with a stable and a locked chest that we will share between the 5 of us. We each get a key to the locked gate. We are told that there are weird noises that can be heard coming from the house.

Kess (Erica) and Alyara (Cheryl) tie up the horses in the stable while Lady Yunalesca (Stephanie) enters the house and gets attacked by skull children. We kill the skull children, but get fatigued from the bites. Aeon (Heather) meets us at the house after the battle.

We start searching the house for other surprises, and Aeon comes across an undead in the office. We fight and kill the Lich (Lich Shade?). The temple peoples tell us it has a soul elsewhere, and needs to be destroyed, or else it comes back in a few days.

We go back to the house and search the rest of the house. We find a creepy doll in the master bedroom and it might have a soul inside. We find a door in the ground in the office that contains the treasure chest. Lost of treasurey things are found.
- Big pile of gold (20,000 GP)
- Huge bag of multiple-sized rubies (5,000 GP total)
- Lenses of Perception (3,100 GP)
- Vest of All Tools (2,000 GP)
- Small flask containing Invisibility Potion (300 GP)
- Boots of Levitation (7,500 GP)
- Headband of Vast Intelligence (8,000 GP)
- Ring of Protection (8,000 GP) +2 to AC
- 5 Gold Bracelets (No idea how much they are worth)
- 1 for each of us. Only one will clasp.

The doll was found to have a soul inside that can talk in Dave Chappelle’s voice. 200 gold was paid for the destruction of the phylactery. We plan to get a functional body for the soul to move around in made from the local doll shop.

Kess is the niece of Mr. Metton and lives in Capacia. Anna met Metton in an adventure. Lady Yunalesca met Metton in her youth as a noble. Aeon met Metton on a boar hunt. All go to sleep, and sleep well.

When we wake up, we are in a jungle area far South of Capacia. Aeon notice there are weird clouds coming towards us. Kess finds out these are Skrik Nettles, creatures who sting their prey like jellyfish, have them levitate in the air, then they crash down when it wears off and get eaten. 2 of the creature run away after getting hurt by our weapons, the 3rd got tangled up and the group used their chance to run away.



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