Mystic Stones: A Ladyfinder Campaign

Session 10

We're Gonna Go Back In Time


Our valiant heroes reach the entrance of the ruins greeted by an ominous figure. As the silver shimmer of his beard becomes recognizable the party halts to access the situation. “I’ve been waiting for a long time and you’re late,” a gust of confusion encompasses the traveling heroes as they surprised to hear they were expected. The old man stands from his chair and with a wave of his hand the chair vanishes into thin air. He introduce himself as (put name here because I forgot), a survivor of the mage wars entrusted to stand watch and wait.

The Old Mage led the party through the ruins and as they reached deep within the collapsing ruins there stood a great library. Seemingly untouched by the years that had passed it stood tall and strong amongst the dilapidating surroundings, a gem amongst the rubble. “Come inside. We have to talk.”

While inside The Old Man explained everything to the party members; he had been tasked with the duty of keeping something safe but in order to ensure that he could defend the heroes would have to retrieve it… from the past. Surrounded by knowledge they scattered through the library hoping to find anything that would aid on their trip to the past. Ready to embark on their quest the team readied itself, but before they left the Old Man had one more favor he could do for them; he granted them his faithful companion Jake. The plan was simple: go 150 years into the past, right in the middle of the mage war, go to a cellar that would hopefully be vacant, take one box, and make their way back to same spot where they landed. The Old Man prepared to cast the spell and granted them with one final piece of advice, “Don’t mess anything up.” Vilkas, Olfin, Nyamak, Moonfire and Jake stood still as space around them shifted, the raw energy of temporal magic tearing through the veil separating time; and then they were there.

Raining Fire:

Surrounded by the chaos and destruction of the ensuing battle the team wasted no time and headed to the tower were they would find the wine cellar. Nyamak casted a powerful aura spell in an attempt to ensure a stealthy entrance into the tower. As they moved closer they noticed the guards keeping watch were unaffected by the effects of Nyamak’s spell; now there was an obstacle in the way and with a stampeding half-orc at the head of the party it didn’t take long for the guards to be pummeled unto the ground. The entrance was clear and the trek to the cellar had begun.

Downward Spiral:

The heroes headed down the tower and as they traveled down the spiraling staircase they reached a room; it was the cellar and at the middle of the room as blood red sphere. Olfin took initiative and flung one of the many wine bottles at the sphere. The sphere absorbed the liquid in the bottle and moments later a shockwave engulfed the room, striking all. It was a puzzle and the answer was in the room; there were bottles everywhere and the sphere absorbed the bottles’ liquid. Vilkas stared at the writing in the bottles, some of it was unreadable. Vilkas focused the magical energies within him to allow him to comprehend the unknown writing; the answer revealed itself, they found the correct bottle and as soon as it was poured on the sphere the pathway down opened. A new room had been found; a room filled with the stench of death itself. Among the rooting flesh was a kitten that took a particular liking to Olfin. Jake glared at the feline and as if by instinct radiated energy healing everything, but the undead and the kitten. The kitty changed its friendly tactics and begun its attack against the entire party; one cat versus 4 skilled warriors and a dog, it should have ended swiftly. As the battle continued it was as if the feline was disguised, hidden behind a veil spell that made it impossible for the group to detect its true form. Vilkas attempted to dispel its magic, but it futile, the spell was too powerful and the feline retained its form. The cat launched a web towards Nyamak entrapping her and as the kitten feared for its life it retreated. Olfin and Moonfiremade haste and chased after fatal feline, while Vilkas and Jake remained to ensure Nymaks escape from the webs. The struggle had gone on long enough so Olfin and Moonfire united their monstrous strength grappling down the fatal feline. The kitty was returned to its cage, the team was tired and the boxes location was still unknown.

Gelatinous Terror:

As they reached the lowest level of the tower they were at the foot of a single corridor; one door, one way. The door was opened and on the other side was blob of green slime making its way towards the party. The blob was slow but if it reached anyone it would not be a pleasant experience. The team attacked the gelatinous blob relentlessly; Olfin with his flail, Moonfire with her axe, Nyamak with her diamond dust, and Vilkas with his ruggedly good looks and magic missile. The end of the battle was in sight and so Vilkas unleashed the force of winter, a cone of cold wrapped around the blob freezing it in its tracks but still very much alive. Then with a mighty blow, Olfin the powerful half-orc struck the blob, shattering it into thousands of tiny pieces. The path was clear.

The Box and the return:

After defeating the blob acquiring the box was uneventful in comparison. Any box would do, as long as only one was taken the time stream would synchronize with the events of the present (or future…time travel). After acquiring the box and various other items that would not be missed; it was a race against time (heh…that line made me laugh). Vilkas had the brilliant idea of teleporting the entirety of the party back to the rally point; it didn’t go well. Something had gone wrong and they had ended up in a faraway land. Luckily Vilkas had enough juice left in him for another jump and with his second attempt succeeded. In the capable hands of Nyamak, the box was given to the young version of the Old Mage for safekeeping. His job was to keep it safe and ensure its return to them 150 years from now. They rushed back to original point at which they had arrived.

The time spell reactivated while they waited patiently and as they faded back into the present they saw the field protecting the city from the various projectiles lose its power; the city was going to fall. They arrived safely on the other side; the Old Mage content to see that time had not been rewritten due to any events that occurred in the past.
The Old Mage brought the box out and returned to the person that had given it to him so long ago. The quest was complete and they were now one step closer to unraveling the mystery of the bracelets that had taken hold around their wrists.



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