Mystic Stones: A Ladyfinder Campaign

Session 2

Notes By Delilah

LADYFINDER 3: Jungle Affairs

Deylesaria: woke up, talked to Mr Neal and received the key to the house and the chest inside. Went to house and found the possessed doll with the voice of Dave chapel. Explored the house more and went to sleep. Woke up to Kess waking me up and finding myself in a jungle. Lady Yunalesca was dead and Erika was overwhelmed.Jinx appeared as well, shortly after.

We kept wandering before we found an eye construct. Kess attempted to shoot it down but failed Aeon put on levitation boots to see where it went and discovered that the island was much smaller than it should be but saw a castle with golden turrets to the east.

We went there and found the castle with its gates open and no one in sight. Further in we saw a small statue who came to life and said she was the guardian of this place. The only rule is that we are not allowed to touch anything on fear of death. Inside the castle we found a healing pool. Lady Yunalesca was brought to life and the decision to explore more, was made.

The castle is beautiful. Paintings that looks almost real, marble floors cases filled with objects. Many things are covered in gold. Eventually we found a large golden spiral staircase and choose to ascend. At the top there is a trapdoor. It opened to a room completely filled with gems. There is even a window made of them that almost looks like stained glass. There is a flash of light to one of the shelves that Aeon feels very drawn to. She uses boots of levitation to get to it. She grabs it and notices the gem would fit perfectly into her bracelet. It fits and the gem sticks.

Kess uses the boots in the gem room next and sees a gleam of light inside a basket. Inside is a small gold stone that goes straight into her bracelet. Lady Yunalesca finds hers on the window still. She finds a small blue stone and into the bracelet it goes.

Deylesaria goes to get her stone and set off a cascade of gems. Underneath is a large red gem that I simply must have. Jinx tried to lasso me but it isn’t very effective. We realize that the Something is starting to appear through the walls. By the time Deylesaria is pulled back the castle’s guardians are though the wall. Erika wants to stab my hands. Jinx tries to knocks me out. They all try intimidation next causing Deylesaria to run. Still lassoed by Aeon. The gem was finally smacked out of her hands.

At the bottom of the stairs one of the guardians appear and take the gem. Aeon tries to see what’s behind another door but sees only darkness. We go back outside to the statue and ask if she can help us leave this island. We are told to go to the docks where we find a giant golden ship with the statue as the figurehead.

The guardian starts to take us to the nearest civilization but we get attacked by a gargantuan crimson whale that could easily swallow the ship whole. Deylesaria starts summoning elementals to distract it with while Lady Yunalesca and Kess try to hit it with arrows. Aeon eventually tries dragging a Cannon to the upper deck. The whale is eventually blinded and killed.

We continue our journey and a mechanical eye appears on the ship. We are told by the figurehead (named Laguna) that it means the master is near. Suddenly, a storm starts appearing. We discover its magical and a fifty foot tentacle rises from the water. Just as suddenly the storm starts, Kess and Deylesaria see a shadowy figure floating above the water (the master). There is a flash of light and suddenly everything is calm again. We then arrive at port.

We find a city called Summerby run by centaurs, who say they will take us to their leader, Deidamia. We notice many buildings are under construction. We are taken to Deidamia where the bracelet / how we came to be there is explained. She starts flipping through a giant notebook that we can see is filled with many mathematical explanations and constellations. She says she cannot help us, but there is a blind seer in a forest not to far from us who can help us in our journey .

We go and travel through the forest till we reach a hut. The oracle says that she was expecting us. We enter the hut and find it very messy, items laying everywhere with a naked woman laying in the center. A roaring fire is next to her. Just from being there a moment the herbs make us feel a bit off. She tell us the stones we are looking for: (Message in entire) other set in a crown, kept safe in a town. Riches and splendor, light shining through colors. More are in the sky, a western pride. Others are guarded by fire , living in ice and snow. The last are hidden by ancient magic, they are hidden..

We go back to summer by and get a room in the inn. We are told that there is a town called roseglass. But they are very oppressive to all neighboring areas. We are also told about a floating city north from here. We can take an airship to get passage there. We choose to go to Roseglass, which is a two days walk.
We than have a drink and go to sleep. When we wake up we all feel slightly beefier.



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