Mystic Stones: A Ladyfinder Campaign

Session 3

Notes by Erica

2 days to Roseglass and 3 days to village that takes you to the City in the Sky.

Centaur approachesLady Yunalesca and Kess to Centaur Leader,Deidamia Sildar, and she informs them that others have arrived with bracelets. We find them playing cards and introduce ourselves.Olfin stole the bracelet from a Shaman and ??? found it in a dungeon. We decide to group up and travel to Roseglass. We discover at the courier office that it takes a few weeks to travel to Capacia.

We head out to Roseglass via Forest. We set up for camp. Kess and Olfin set out to hunt. We kill 3 deer for dinner. During the night we are attacked by a Vykrolaca (undead-ish guerrilla) that ??? identifies.

We are attacked by another V and allbut D & ??? get the bubonic plague. We return to town. Vilkas & Anna see a cleric for full restoration, the rest drink remove disease. Only Olfin is cured, the rest do not know they are not cured.

We return to the forest to head out. We encounter a tree that is making creaking noises and sprays a pollen of sorts. We all hold our breaths and are unaffected. We set up camp with Kess’s AWESOME survival roll! We discover that we still have bubonic plague and decide to burn our bedrolls and return to town to disinfect our weapons, clothes etc.

As we continue traveling, Olfin becomes entangled and Vilkas sees a small green creature off in the distance.He entangles Olfin and sends swarms of bees. We advance while Vilkas sends an ice storm and the creature sends giant centipedes on us. The creature gets bored and walks away. We decide to flee to Roseglass and make it there. ??? enchants us with an aura to enter the city and head straight to a healer.

We go to the cleric and he charges 2000g.We roll diplomacy and enchant and get it down to 1700g. WE ARE HEALED!!!



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