Mystic Stones: A Ladyfinder Campaign

Session 4

A Heist in Roseglass

We spent the first night camped outside Roseglass. We had an amazing meal from the food Olfin bought from the surrounding farms and the rabbit Anna caught. A group of guards and some ruffians approached us but nothing bad happened.

The next morning we went to middle class area and talked to Barkeep. He told us told us to get some super nice clothes and to check out the palace. We went to the clothing store and everyone got done up. (Yunalesca: Blue elf-like dress, Nyimak: black feather dress, Anna: green avant garde, Olfin: Blue with black detail guard outfit feather hat, Vilkas: Green page outfit feather hat) Yunalesca + Nymak perfume)

We arrived at the palace. There’s a large party going on, servers are flying a magical discs and large bats line the rafters. Duke Rafel the 7th and Duchess Gardenia weren’t there yet so we looked around that palace and the large party that was going on. Nymak finds the court magician and flirts some information about the bracelets out of him and then flies on one of the bats lining the room to the bat stable. (Batrey?) Lady Yunalesca and Olfin try to get the magical floating discs to go to the gem by thinking about anything involving it but to no avail.

After that, Nymak, Lady Yunalecas, and Olfin go to explore the areas of the palace that aren’t part of the large party. We discover the study and in it a book about the Duke’s crown. We learned it was created 100 years ago by expert with ancient gems captured long ago during mage wars (xxxxyr) to the south. Nymak, Lady Yunalesca, and Olfin decided to go to library in search of more information. Unfortunaly the library contains no information on magical artifacts from the mage war.

Anna went to look for Lord Gwinso, who is most likely in his room, to ask about the mage war. Vilkas played with a servant child and found a small hiding place in the kitchen.

A couple hours pass and Nymak, Lady Yunalesca, and Olfin head back to the party to find that and awning had been set up with the Duke and Dutchess underneath. Olfin pushed through the crowd lead everyone to directly in front of the two. (GM: “The duke looks bored-” Luis:“I’M A COMEDIAN!! [Pulls out page of jokes]”) Lady Yunalesca presented Vilkas as entertainment. While Vilkas was entertaining the Duke, Lady Yunalesca learned that the crown has been in the Duke’s family for generations. When Vilkas jokes fall flat, Nymak casts mad monkeys and fire sneezes of doom on him which fail as well and nearly get us kicked out to the palace but thanks to Lady Yunalesca’s wonderful diplomacy and shmoozing with the Duchess (and the minor whoring out of Olfin), we got escorted to a departed wing of the palace until dinner.

At dinner, Lady Yunalesca sits with the Duchess and calls Olfin over who is awkwardly flirted with the whole time by the Duchess and invited up to her room later . (Olfin’s the awkward one. Not the Duchess, shes just very unattractive.) The Duke arrives late with several young women on him, but not his crown.

Anna and Nymak gather information on the Duke during dinner. ( “never wise to question the duke’s business, does what he will” “Never does anything”) Vilkas went to the servant child for information and the boy took him to the Duke’s room and told him all the guard where special medallions around their necks.

Anna, Vilkas, and Nymak exited after dinner to retrieve the crown while Olfin, who had heard strange non directional snoring when with the Duchess back to her chambers for a little gambling. Nymak tried to trick the guards to go with her but failed so instead they stole them under the spell aura of the unremarkable, picked the lock, stole the crown, and got out of the palace. We then camped outside the city again and waited for the trade caravan to Tropin Town to leave the next morning.

Olfin was woken in the middle of the night by a roaring voice in his head. It turned out to be the spirit of a half orc warrior, Ruhak (dominos killed his mother), that was trapped in the stone on his bracelet.

Everyone woke up bright and early an we caught the first train out of here. We had a whole third class car to ourselves. The first day of travel was uneventful. The following night screams were heard from the middle class cart further ahead and the train came to a stop. When we looked out the whole cart was covered in fog (Spells: Obscuring mist, fog cloud). Olfin went in to find some people unharmed but shaken who seemed to be missing memory of the whole incident as well as people torn apart. The bodies are looted and 901g and 2 rings (Ring of sustenance, 200g ring of ringness) were found. Still nothing is know about this creature.

The next day our cart began to be covered in fog. To excape it, we jumped to another cart only to have it follow us. Nymak shot a fire ball at it which seemed to scare it away only to have it return that afternoon. From the fog a horrible creature emerged. It was a creepy floating humanoid wrapped in wet bridal shroud with claws, face featureless except fanged mouth and glowing eyes. (OOC it turns out it was a bruum or something like that.) Olfin was struck by it and became uglier and forgotten what had happen in the last four hours. Nymak casted fireball and diamond dust and Vilkas casted his powered up magic missiles and the creature retreated.

We had now arrived in Tropin Town.



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