Mystic Stones: A Ladyfinder Campaign

Session 5

Tropin Town and Airship Adventures

On Tropin Town: This town is whack. Big ass burly motherfuckers. Butt babies. No women. Too manly, Cut trees with only you hand. Dire cows on a leash. “We are Tropin men of Tropin Town!!”

(Okay Tropin Tow, ‘cause apparently ^ those ^ were the only notes I took, was we got there stayed at the inn after I got my face fixed and had a HERD OF DIRE COWS ON LEASHES bust threw the wall ’cause the guy like to wall them a 3AM, I don’t understand either. So the Innkeep measure out the logs he’s gonna us the hold the Inn til morning and cuts the length with his BARE HANDS. But whatever hes strong, cool. So the next morning we drop off Nymak’s ape with the clerics to get healed and everyone’s like “yeah check out the new baby” Well okay great! This…. this is not a normal baby. Its huge and beefy. Like saijin baby up in here. And the dude’s husband gave birth to it. Yeah. Yeah I know. So whatever, there got to be a reasonable explanation for this. So the pet store owner with his little kitty cat, a lion and a tiger, tells us where the birthing room is. Okay cool, how bad can it be. It might explain a few things. Maybe they like Zeus it up here. No. Nope. Nu uh. Not at all. Butt babies. Push and out your butt they come. Nothing was answered. Only more questions that I’m afraid to find the answers for. We tried to hauk the crown but with no luck so its just chlling in Nymak’s bag of holding. So after this we pick up the ape, Kess buys a tiger, we get suppies, and then head to the airship to get to the floating city.)

We boarded the airship, the Fey Enchanteress, and started our flight. While most of us stayed up on the sun deck, Nymak, Kess, and Lady Yunalesca stole items from various rooms on deck in stole crew uniforms. From the magic room they took three rings (1 scholar’s ring; 2 feather fall; 3 protection) and 1000gp were stolen from the captain’s quarters. They were nearly caught by the captain but bluffed their way out.

Later Lady Yunalesca, Kess, and Olfin took a tour of the ship and discovered its powered by a very unhappy air elemental. Kess is very displeased with this.

Soon after Kess, Lady Yunalesca, and Nymak went back to thier thieving ways and stole a large number of things from cargo (spices(5gp/piece), fabric(20gp/peice), scented soap (1gp/piece), try to open super trapped hella locked chest but its a no go, instead they remove hindges and open it a crack and pull magical box[laced with poison; 2 necklaces{1 chain of emeralds 1300; 2 daimond necklace}, circlet of persuation]

The ship was attacked that night by some undead creature. We killed it and that went back to be.

After breakfast the next day, Nymak, Kess, and Lady Yunalesca are confronted by the ship’s mage and captain waiting in hall with Nymak’s bag of holding about the stolen goods. Nymak cast aura of the unremarkable removed stolen goods from her bag and put them into Vilkas’s bag. she then dominated Captain to get only a get a slap on the wrist and end up keeping all that stuff. The mage is still suspicious until he is scared of by Olfin’s intimidation at lunch.

We then landed at city without further incident.

NOTE: Mission to save air elemental



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