Mystic Stones: A Ladyfinder Campaign

Session 6

Arena Fights and an Arrest

Nyimak, Olfin Sharamph, and Vilkas hear about arena battles and decide to take part. They fight stinky armor girl, “Pointy” the rogue, and a Paladin. After that, they fought Viorian, the guild leader, and nearly defeated her. Vilkas died twice and Olfin died once. They made a ton of money (20k gold each). Nyimak got drunk with Pointy. Vilkas got arrested for being involved in the theft of the Roseglass crown.

Leah Boston Vianna: My orc battle roar has made atleast one person in the arena wet themselves.
Leah Boston Vianna: Sarah just melted a 1,044gp holy symbol off the body of a paladin.
Leah Boston Vianna: We’re fighting the fighter’s guild leader.
Leah Boston Vianna: Oooohhh… oooohhh….. 182 damage in two rounds. Ouch ouch ouch. Oooooohh…. good bye cruel world. Uuuuuuhhhggg……
Leah Boston Vianna: Nyimak is scampering around the arena invisible sending AOE fire spells at the guild master.
Leah Boston Vianna: We lost, BUT we are level 11. WHOOOO!! Everyone level up!!!!
Sarah Vianna: Vilkas got atresyed guyss. Oh noooo waht aer we goonna dooo? I’m so durnk riyhht now.
Luis Lopez: I’ve been arrested, been here so long. It’s been… minutes. They took my stuff. I’m cold.
Leah Boston Vianna: What am I gonna do? Vilkas is jail for the Roseglass crown. We were having such a good time.


I love you guys.

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Session 6

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