Mystic Stones: A Ladyfinder Campaign

Session 7

Daring Escape and the Western Pride

Olfin and Lady Yunalesca write a letter to the Duchess asking her to pardon Vilkas after they learned it was the Duke who ordered his arrest. They went to the Inquisitor’s office and made an appointment to persuade him to release Vilkas. As Vilkas rotted in jail the two went off to research who Zaina is.

A super smart Librarian told them about the “Western Pride” Zaina is an old ship that is the pride of the city and has been around so long it fought in the Mage Wars and is still in use today. Legend has it that the device that powers the ship is actually a relic stolen from the Mage Wars 100 years ago.

The Mage Wars went on for about a dozen years to the south of Belcoast in the country of what is now Brune. It used to be a bunch of city/states that were at war with each other, each ruled by a powerful wizard or sorcerer, and each at war with one another.
There’s a very very secretive sorcerer who lives in one of the crumbled cities the Otun Ruins. There are only rumors of his existence and the Ruins are guarded by a strong magical force.

Afterwards they go to look for Pointy so they can hawk the crown. They find her at her home above the bar. Pointy offers to take them to dealer to sell it. They disguise themselves and join Pointy at the shady place. An older gnomish lady buys the crown for $350.

Lady Yunalesca dresses up fancy and they go to the Mayor’s to arrange a tour of Zaina. The Mayor happily obliges and even sends a message to the Inquisitor to help get Vilkas out of jail. Afterwards they go shopping and Lady Yunalesca buys a shiny Medalian of Thoughts.

The next day they go to see the Inquisitor. He gives them permission to see Vilkas in jail and place him under house arrest, instead of jail, and give him some pants.
Next they are off to see Zaina and get their tour. Lady Yunalesca starts a voice whimpering in her head. They are shown around the shift and discover the location of the stones beneath the deck.

Lady Yunalesca sneaks on board the ship and steals a crew member uniform to disguise herself. She finds the room where the gems are being kept and unlocks the door, sneaking inside, and removes each of the gems from the base of the column. The last gem is suspended inside the column she carefully tries to remove it but the column cracks! The sound draws two guards to her and she smashes open the column, takes the gem, and runs past the guards (taking some damage along the way). The Lady runs off of the ship and past Olfin—the two guards in pursuit. Olfin follows as Lady Yunalesca runs into an alley way to hide. Unfortunately one of the guards notices her and they follow her into the alley with Olfin following them in from behind.

After the first guard is defeated the second one yields from the fight and Olfin knocks him out. They go next back to the Inn where Vilkas is being kept going outside to where a guard is posted beneath his window. While Lady Yunalesca draws away his attention Olfin sneaks up behind and chokes him while Lady Yunalesca beats him unconscious. Olfin vaults her up to Vilka’s window and she puts him to sleep with a potion and puts him into a bag of holding. When she jumps down to Olfin she climbs into a bag of holding and Olfin runs away carrying them both. She runs to the edge of the city and jumps from the edge wearing a Ring of Feather Fall.

She lands gently in the bay below and the three of them begin to swim for shore. Lady Yunalesca begins to drown and as Vilkas goes to dive beneath the water and save her he discovers that he can breath underwater! He can swim like a seal and breath like Aquaman! They make it across to shore and find a town. After resting for a few days and removing a spell from Vilkas the group finds a sorcerer to teleport them to the country of Brune. Whip, bang, bam! They find themselves in the capital of Brune—Statona.



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