This page is for the third Campaign of our ladies-only Pathfinder group.

Our Adventures:
Session 1: A Sad Affair
Session 2: Jungle Adventures
Session 3: The Plague
Session 4: A Heist in Roseglass
Session 5: Tropin Town and Airship Adventures
Session 6: Arena Fights and an Arrest
Session 7: A Daring Escape and the Western Pride
Session 8: A Banshee
Session 9: More Jungle Adventures
Session 10: We’re Gonna Go Back In TIME
Session 11: Lunanul and the Prince
Session 12: The Search for Fire and Ice
Session 13: A tower in the woods
Session 14: Dragon and Child
Session 15: There’s a Kingdom on the moon?
Session 16: Assassins on the Moon
Session 17: Trial on the moon
Session 18: Olfin’s mom has got it going on
Session 19: Moon Princess and Drow
Session 20: Duergar

Our Ladies:
Aeon Jocelyn Moonfire, a Drow Barbarian
“Anna” Alyara, a Catburglar
Deylesaria, a Kitsune Oracle
Kess, a Human Ranger
Lady Yunalesca, an Elf Rogue
Nyimak, an Elf Sorcerer
Olfin Sharamph, a Half-Orc Fighter
Vilkas, a Half-Elf Sorcerer

Current EXP:

Mystic Stones: A Ladyfinder Campaign

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